We build your e-shop. We help you select the best options based on your needs and your budget.


We help you with your online marketing strategy and engage with your online community.


We take your BtoB E-Commerce to the next level by using your data to generate targeted leads.

E-commerce rookies & tight budget


Shopify is a perfect solution for simple e-commerce site with a clean design and limited needs for customization.
A solution used by +200,000 e-stores in the world.

  • Ease of Administration
  • 1 Language only
  • Light Multi-currency integration
  • Basic Marketing tools
  • Basic SEO profile
  • Fully Responsive

Large business & advanced e-commerce


Prestashop provides you with a strong framework. This is the ad-hoc choice for demanding & highly customized solutions.
A solution used by +250,000 e-stores in the world.

  • Customization
  • Complex designs
  • Multi-currency & language
  • Advanced Marketing tools
  • Advanced SEO profile
  • B2B Solutions


We conduct an audit of your site's SEO and analyse your web statistics. We put in place strategies and processes to step up your SEO game and provide you with monthly reports. SEO is and remains the first source of sales for online stores.



We design your online marketing strategy including your marketing emails, promotional offers and adverts on social media. We also put in place objectives and processes to perfect your customers’ shopping experience and increase conversion, retention, and referral.



We manage your social media accounts which involves using content to reach your target audience and build an online community. We design the content marketing strategy, analyse the impact of the posts published on social media, monitor when the brand is mentioned, react to mentions and adjust the editorial line when necessary.



We curate and build your email lists, but also track your emailing campaigns performance to make the adjustments, when necessary, that will optimise them. Emailing is the second source of sales for online stores.



I need a site with :

Multi currencies
Multi languages
B2B Options
Custom needs*

* Custom needs might covers area like product file integration, thrid parties intégration, specific search criteria, job automation,...


I need the following services :

Monthly SEO*
Online promotion
E-mailing marketing
Social network promotion

* Search Engine Optimization

Every client is unique with its very own business challenges and will need personalised solution for its e-commerce. Talk to us about your business and expectations.


Bluedge perfectly understood our needs and designed a tailored e-commerce site adapted to the complexity of our offer. Thanks to them we stand out from the competition.

Seagnature ‐ Group TMG

The solutions developed by Bluedge allow medium sized companies like mine to launch a truly professional e-commerce website.

Alex Simone ‐ Eric Rousseau

Bluedge is the ideal partner for our presence on the web. What made the difference? Their ability analyze the data and give it a meaning.

Dance Distribution Ltd ‐ Elodie Torzuoli

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At Bluedge Ltd we love NodeJs and its natural ability to deliver Live Data of any kind, anywhere. Its magic can be applied to front end website or to pure data manipulation strictly on the server side. Starting to imagine how it could fit with your business? data integration and e-commerce live updates?
Contact us and tell us about your project at project@bluedge.co.uk.

Sport's Tweets

  • This world map displays the live feed of tweets with a little algorithm we have built to only display tweets of users identified as inhabitants of the selected countries and tweeting about "sport".

    This makes the demo more interesting and slows things down a bit for our human eyes.

    Note: Showing every tweet would have overwhelmed you with humongous quantities of data in a split second.

    Click on the blue pods to see the latest tweets from each country...

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Free Email Marketing
Campaigns Reports

Get instant Excel reports of your email marketing performance with SNITCH.
The perfect tool to gather data on the impact of your campaigns and do smart follow-up.